Last supper for Inch Bowling Club

IT is the end of the road for Brechin Inch Bowling Club, members decided on Monday (writes Shona Beaton).

A spokesperson for the club said: “The committee members have decided that they would no longer be able to run as a club and so, as of the end of the month, the club will cease using the sports centre.

“The problem is that many of the committee members are coming off for one reason or another and we have been left without a committee.

“Secondly our membership has declined sharply over the last few weeks. We have gone from 35 to about 25 members and that is not sustainable.

“The decline in membership of the club is almost entirely due to Angus Council’s annual hike in fees which has seen costs escalate by around 40% in the last five years.

“Originally Angus Council proposed a further inflation-busting increase of 11.4% for next session.

“They reduced this by £500 but still there is an increase in fees.

“If the club had 30 members who all paid £70 for their annual subscription they would still have to raise almost £3000 to pay for the use of the hall.

“This would have to be done by the members through fund-raising activities such as coffee mornings and raffles.

“Even trying to reduce the hours that you play is not viable.

“The cost to use the sports centre works out at £30.38 per hour which is incredible.

“What are they (the council) providing that is worth that much money.

“They are giving you four mats, heating and lighting. It is absurd that this would cost as much as it does.

“This will result in old age pensioners losing out on playing something that they look forward to and enjoy.

“It will also mean that the leisure centre will be losing out on £6000.

“Businesses in the area will also miss out because you have people who travel into Brechin to play bowls and then spend money in the local shops. It has a knock-on effect.

“Everybody is sad that this is happening.”

The bowling club will be having a final supper at the Northern Hotel on March 24 which will be free for all members using funds that they have left.

Any remaining funds will be dispersed amongst the clubs of participating members.