Latest £50 voucher winner in our shopping promotion

THE fifth winner in the “Brechin Advertiser” Christmas shopping loyalty promotion is Elizabeth Haig, Brathinch Cottage, By Brechin.

Elizabeth wins a £50 voucher to be spent with one or more of the participating business ventures.

The promotion continues for one more week, with people who spend their money in any of the participating outlets in the Brechin area having the chance to win a shopping voucher.

The 18 participating outlets (all listed in the advert on this page) have each contributed £50 to the central prize fund – to enable us to offer seven weekly prize-draws for a £50 shopping voucher, followed by a final jackpot prize draw, with a £350 voucher as the first prize and a £200 voucher for a second prize.

How does the promotion work?

Each time a customer spends £10 in a participating outlet one of five boxes on a loyalty card will be marked.

The shopper keeps the card and, once all five £10 boxes have been marked, shoppers complete their contact details on the card and hand it into any one of the following four outlets – the Brechin Advertiser office at 13 Swan Street, Brechin; Northern Hotel, Clerk Street, Brechin; Sanpado, 35 Southesk Street, Brechin; the Panmure Arms Hotel, 52 High Street, Edzell.

Each card is complete when £50 has been spent – whether it be in one shop, or several. And, throughout the course of the campaign, shoppers can complete as many cards as they wish.

Cards will be collected each Monday during the course of the campaign, to ensure all those participating are included in the weekly draw.

And, all cards – winners and losers – will be kept for the final jackpot prize draw, which will take place towards the end of next week - just before Christmas!

We trust that this promotion will be a big hit with shoppers in the Brechin area, helping keep spending local in the count-down to another festive season.