Latest Brechin Community Council update

Damacre Centre, Brechin
Damacre Centre, Brechin

Three areas of concern were the main items on the agenda of the City and District Community Council when it met last Tuesday.

The meeting, held at the Damacre Centre, centred round the recent spate of crimes in Brechin, the future of the Damacre Centre and the planning application by J. Logan Milne for alterations and extension to their premises at Scott Street.

The recent spate of crimes has been a major concern for many people and P.C. Billy Rattray gave an update on the situation. Discussion followed and one suggestion was for additional CCTV cameras to be installed. It was pointed out that they are very expensive and Angus Council are very unlikely to meet such costs due to budget restraints.

The meeting of concerned residents took place the day after the community council met.

The impact of the new Community Campus on the Damacre Centre is once again a cause for concern for many people. Groups who access the Damacre Centre on a regular basis are concerned about the future of their groups, as they are uncertain whether the new campus will be able to offer the same accommodation on a regular basis, whether there will be adequate storage facilities and whether there will be a reliable bus service to and from the Campus. Grahame Lockhart, Convener, said he will raise these continued concerns with the appropriate officer in Angus Council.

Concern about the possible negative impact to the residents living in the immediate vicinity of the proposed alterations and extension to the premises of J. Logan Milne was discussed.

Whilst the proposed extension may offer additional employment there are a number of concerns which need to be addressed. In this regard the community council has submitted its objection to the planning application and the decision by Angus Council is now awaited.

The closure of the paddling pool was also discussed and the community council agreed to support the community group in its discussions with Angus Council.

Tuesday’s meeting was the last one for Joy Mowatt who resigned as a member to dedicate her time to her other commitments in Brechin. The members expressed their heart-felt thanks to Joy for her time and commitment to the community council. Her knowledge and experience was invaluable in the establishment of the community council two years ago, and during the past two years this knowledge and experience was recognized in representing the community council at many meetings, including those with Angus Council staff. A major contribution of Joy’s has been her role as press officer. This has been a vital role in bringing the important function and work of the community council to the people of Brechin.

Grahame Lockhart expressed his sincere thanks for the significant contribution Joy has made to the community council and wished her well as she continues to serve the people of George Garden was warmly welcomed on to the community council, and his enthusiasm for Brechin will greatly benefit its work.

Grahame commented: “With a good turnout at the meeting we were able to have positive and constructive discussions, and the community council members appreciated the time given by people to share their concerns about our community.”

The next meeting of the community council is Tuesday, May 6, at 7.30 p.m. in the Damacre Centre