Laura aiming to build library in Ghana

Laura has a fundraising page with Thrive Africa
Laura has a fundraising page with Thrive Africa

A Brechin woman is on a fund-raising mission for a charity which builds libraries in Africa in a bid to promote education for children.

Laura Mason (24), is currently trying to raise £650 for Thrive Africa to allow her to travel to Kumasi in Ghana for a two week volunteering project which will see her help turn unused spaced in to learning environments.

Laura, who currently works at the Co-Op, is studying psychology with the Open University and the course has prompted her to discover more about different cultures.

She said: “I have wanted to volunteer abroad for a long time, however I struggle with anxiety problems and have never been able to work up the courage until now.

“I want to learn more about different people and different cultures around the world and when I came across Thrive Africa I thought it would be a great place to start.”

Discussing her reason to do this particular project, Laura explained: “I chose the building libraries project for my visit as I believe that all children deserve to have the best education possible and this project promotes education for the local children by building nice, bright and fun atmospheres for their learning. I am also quite excited to take part in building something that will last for a long time and will help many children for many years.”

In order to do this, Laura has to raise money for Thrive Africa, a charity which does a lot within the local communities of Ghana. Laura said: “They have an orphan welfare agenda which provides home based support for orphans and caregivers in the way of building farms to allow them to obtain their own food supply and to enable them to generate their own income as well as a caregiver housing project which involves the building of homes and additional rooms for those looking after orphaned children in order to create more adequate living conditions for all.”

Laura added: “All money that I am able to raise will go directly to the Thrive Africa charity to allow them to continue their important work and any help with reaching my target would be greatly appreciated.”

To help reach her target, Laura has a donation tin at the Hair Boutique on the High Street and is selling raffle tickets at the Co-Op on April 25 for prizes including gift vouchers from both Bruce Brymer Butcher and Sanpado Florist among a hamper, and she is also arranging a ‘guess the birthday’.

Donations to her cause can also be made online on her fund-raising page at