Learn how to grow your fruit and vegetables

“It will provide a safe, accessible open space for quiet recreation, skill sharing and gardening for the whole community,” he said.

Transition spokesman Derek Harper outlined the aims of the project: “We hope to increase awareness of public space and environmental issues by showing what can be done in a small public space to address issues such as biodiversity, local food growing, carbon reduction, water and energy sustainability, air quality, at the same time as creating a lovely space to enjoy in the heart of the City. The Project will help improve people’s health and mental wellbeing by providing enjoyable outdoor physical activity, social contact and learning opportunities to raise self-esteem.”

Various ideas have been put forward; raised beds for food growing, composting area, water collection system, a small orchard of dwarf stock local fruit varieties, berry borders of soft fruit, bee hives and bee beds, small wild flower meadow under existing trees, a small seating area for an open air classroom for the nurseries to use. The group are eager to hear any ideas the community has for the space also any donations of tools, seeds or skills that could be shared.

“The Project is creating opportunities for volunteering, not just in creating the garden but in the on-going activities planned there. For example food growing, bee keeping, garden maintenance, celebration and fundraising events.”

For more information contact Derek on transitionbrechin@gmail.com