Left waiting for redecoration

An Edzell resident has been left feeling stressed after waiting for Angus Council to redecorate his home in the wake of rewiring work.

David Whyte originally refused to have rewiring work carried out in his home after he was informed that the work would involve drilling holes into walls which he had paid to have redecorated just a year ago.

Mr Whyte eventually agreed to have the work carried out if Angus Council redecorated his home after the work was completed.

Mr Whyte was then left waiting for almost two months for redecoration work to be completed, something which he claims has left him stressed.

He said: “I was due to have to have my home rewired but as I had only just redecorated my house a year ago I did not want them to make a mess of the walls.

“I asked one of the gaffers to make sure that they would not be ruining the wall paper and he assured me that it would be okay.

“Then when the workmen came to show me what they were doing they pointed out to me where all the sockets were going and I said that was fine. We then went into the bedroom and I was shown where holes would be drilled in a number of places.

“I said that I had been assured that no holes would be drilled into the walls and I explained that I did not want it done if that was to be the case.

“Eventually it was agreed that Angus Council would redecorate after they did the work.

“I got the rewiring work done in the first week of March and, since then, I have waited and waited and have not heard anything from the council about when seomoen is going to come back and redecorate.

“I have arthritis in my back and my knees so I cannot decorate myself. My family could not help and I could not afford to pay to get someone in to redecorate for me.

“I sent emails to the council to find out what was going on but I was not getting any response from them which meant I was feeling more and more stressed because of the mess.

“Although I had to pay £82 for the paper I will get this money back as part of the redecorating grant that I receive but why was I left to have to go and get the paper in the first place when it was not me who was making the mess?”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We have an ongoing programme of refurbishment of our housing stock throughout Angus, for the benefit of our tenants.

“At all times, our contractors endeavour to complete works with minimum inconvenience to the tenants.

“Any tenant who is experiencing difficulties or undue delays with work undertaken in their house should contact their local housing officer or call the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778 for help and advice.”