Letter to the Editor

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It was very interesting reading Dr. Duff’s account on their appointment system.

We all respect the dedicated medical staff, who have spent years of training and learning.

It is forever ongoing, and highly paid, But I must challenge the doctor’s quick disposal of the old system of turning up when unwell.

I am an ‘oldy’, and have tried both systems.

Think about it. You just turn up at the doctors, maybe wait a few hours, but you are seen.

Now there are doctors, nurse practitioners, a myriad of professionals and the use of locums to see to our problems.

If you arrive at 10 am, and it is busy come back at 2 pm when it might be less busy, but now that there are more doctors and nurse practitioners per surgery, and the turnover will be quicker.

If you have the minor ailments see a nurse practitioner, anything more serious then a doctor.

That would mean less receptionists, less phone calls, saving money and no missed appointments.

Think of the savings for that alone.

Doctors could work a shift system,whereas, the surgeries could open until 7 pm or 8m pm or, dare I say a Saturday and Sunday to cater for the day workers who cannot attend during office hours.

I can see the shock/horror on the doctors’ faces already.

But Auchenblae surgery, I believe, uses this system of just turning up to be seen.

I am not comparing like for like, but it seems to work.

Why not give it a try one day a week and sort out any problems?

As I say I am a wrinkly, but I know the system that worked for me and the doctor actually had time for me.

Even in a busy place like Aberdeen I can only see one side of this as I am a patient.

I could be missing some important point, but it does seem like a simple solution.

Yours etc.,

Mr M. Donald

Montrose Street, Brechin.