Letter to the Editor

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Thank you for your enthusiastic publicity for the important role of the early cooperators of Brechin and their important role in Co-operative history, which fully deserves recognition in the International Year of Cooperatives in 2012.

It would have been good to see cross party support for the celebration of such an important event in the history of the north-east, but instead it was disappointing to see a focus on a misinterpretation of the City of Brechin and District website which led me to assume that, at the very least, there was an e-mail point of contact for the community council locally.

I have read through the website in more depth and I am very sorry to hear the community council is no longer active, and equally concerned to see other community councils are in a similar situation.

But maybe in Brechin a celebration of the contribution of the early co-operators could help if only in a small way to show how community participation could bring benefits to Brechin as indeed it did in the past, and it is my hope still that Angus Council might see its relevance and take this forward .

As for the lack of support for this important suggestion shown by the SNP and Tory candidates and their criticism I am led to reflect that their own parties have done more damage to the local community by their actions, than myself by my initial reading of an excellently produced website.

For example, an agency of the SNP Government has been actively considering closing Noranside Open Prison and taking jobs from the local economy, while the Tories are taking money out of the High Street shops by raising VAT.

Such issues surely merit debate and discussion.

As for Labour being strong favourites to win the Scottish Parliament elections, my firm belief is that the electorate themselves can only decide that, once there has been a full and democratic debate through the pages of papers such as the Brechin Advertiser and through hustings and meetings both as individuals and as groups .

I look forward to putting forward the positive vision of the Scottish Labour Party for Angus North and the Mearns and for Scotland in the weeks ahead.

Yours etc.,

Kevin Hutchens,

Scottish Labour Party,

Scottish Parliament candidate for Angus North and the Mearns.