Letter to the Editor


Through your columns can I appeal to the irresponsible dog walker who allowed their pet to leave a disgusting deposit in the entrance path to a house in Chanonry Wynd.

I would like the owner to arrange to return and remove the said filth which was left at approximately 12 noon or slightly earlier on Monday, March 14.

We residents of the Chanonry are constantly being subjected to this kind of filth not only on the lane but also in our gardens.

There are young children in the lane and such filth could cause serious illness.

This happens regularly despite the fact that warning of fines are displayed on the lamp posts.

Who is supposed to police this law?

I know of no-one who has been charged. I do appreciate that there are responsible pet owners who walk their dogs in the lane. I do not object to them but even they will agree that this behaviour is unacceptable.

Yours etc.,

Disgusted resident,

(Name and Address supplied)