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Could someone please explain why the pavement and road shape is being altered at the foot of Park Road?

This is a congested junction during the busy periods of the day and these alterations will only make it more so.

It removes the ability to turn left if held up by vehicles who cannot turn right.

If the purpose is to stop parking at the junction then that could have been achieved with some yellow lines.

I campaigned for improvements to the roundabouts at the north and south access routes to Brechin and there were proposals at the Partnership meetings to carry out improvements but they require £18,000 and this was not available.

The roads approaching Brechin are in such poor condition that you almost require a 4x4 to get into the town. The streets are littered with pot holes and yet the council can find the money to carry out this seemingly pointless alteration.

The only reason that I can imagine for the alterations is to make the crossing easier for pedestrians but surely this could have been achieved with some black and white paint and a flashing beacon.

We are supposed to be making cut backs to reduce the deficit so do we really need to make unnecessary (and probably very expensive) changes.

Yours etc.,

Brian McLaughlin,

Park Grove, Brechin