Letter to the Editor


I am extremely disappointed in how Angus Council have handled this situation with the roads being closed throughout most of the centre of the city.

We were only handed notice of the works on Friday in the afternoon, saying that a variety of roads would be closed starting the following Monday.

Surely there should be more notice given for this level of closure.

I believe 28 days notice is required?

Delivering the letter by hand, on the last working day before the work commenced, shows that it was an afterthought, and displays a real lack of planning and preparation by Angus Council.

This has given us no time at all to prepare for the closures, no time to advise our suppliers and re-arrange deliveries to the showroom, no time to organise any alternative plans at all!

In addition to this, we have no vehicle access to the showroom in the High Street, and our only option would be to drive the wrong way up City Road, a one way street, which is both potentially dangerous and against the Road Traffic act.

No provision has been made to allow access to my business, for either my own vehicles or regular incoming deliveries, something which my business depends on. We have on average over 30 deliveries a week coming into the showroom, how are they going to get to us?

This is another example of how Angus Council has failed to give reasonable warning and consideration to local business owners and has shown no thought to any potential loss of income the city centre stores will suffer, not to mention disruption to trading levels due to having no vehicular access.

It is a disgraceful way to operate, and shows complete lack of care to the local residents and business’s who are trying to trade!

Yours etc.,

Ian Atkinson,

Crystal Kitchens & Bathrooms.