Letter to the Editor


The Liberal Democrat candidate for Angus North and the Mearns has suggested that his fellow candidates came to the public meeting on Town Centre regeneration to be heard and not listen.

Unfortunately I was not formally invited to this meeting, and, by the time I saw details of its timing and location, had other commitments .

I am taking steps to get further information at this stage.

However, what does concern me is that, for a variety of reasons, finances allocated to public projects in both Aberdeenshire and Angus appear not to have been spent.

In a time of financial cuts and savings this should concern us all, as it suggests that key resources, in this case money, have not been used fully and efficiently.

I have always thought that by listening and careful research the full facts of a situation can almost always be found out.

In the light of this I will continue to make efforts to get the fullest possible information.

From this lessons can be learnt, and if elected as the MSP for Angus North and the Mearns, I will endeavour not only to secure the best possible financial support for all of the constituency, but work to ensure that all public funding is used efficiently and wisely in the best of good practice in the hope that such practice will lead to a sustainable future for the area.

Yours etc.,

Kevin Hutchens,

Scottish Labour Party’s Scottish Parliament Candidate for Angus North and the Mearns.