Letter to the Editor


Sanjay Samani, Liberal Democratic, Angus North & Mearns Candidate appears to be silent in public but vocal in print (Brechin Advertiser letters, March 24).

This could be because of his close association with the convener of infrastructure services and councillor at Angus Council, David May, who was the political lead on the Brechin Town Regeneration Project and who failed to legally commit the remainder £900k grant by the Christmas Day deadline.

With 15 years of project management as Mr Samani states, he will agree that an even more successful handling of the project would have been to spend the whole of the £1.8million grant?

Sadly this was not the case and will be remembered as a huge missed opportunity for Brechin.

It is clear from the public meeting which Mr Samani remained silent throughout that his Liberal colleague, Councillor May, should have looked at improving Brechin Hall in the original application rather than proceeding with highly risky projects in order to compete with other bids, then failing to manage those projects in a high risk manner.

SNP & Angus Alliance Councillors have previously met with Scottish Government ministers on other issues affecting Angus, so it would have been easy for Councillor May or any Angus Alliance councillor to send an e-mail, pick up the phone or simply knock on an SNP councillor’s door to seek assistance in contacting the Scottish Government when it was becoming apparent to the Alliance administration that the final deadline was fast approaching.

Instead SNP Councillors were only told of the problems in legally committing the £900k grant less than ten days before the Christmas Day deadline and, even then, Councillor May assured councillors and the people of Brechin that: “we are doing all we can, working very hard to ensure the success of the project.”

If only that were the case.

Rather than taking responsibility for this failure, for Mr Samani and his Liberal colleagues’ attempts to shift the blame onto everyone else, including Brechin residents who were unable to attend the public meeting, is shameful.

Yours etc.,

Councillor Mairi Evans.