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After a few hectic weeks watching our local football team go through the highs and lows of Scottish cup participation I have now had time to reflect on the remarkable achievements of our now famous group of part time players and management.

I have struggled to find any negative feedback on the club’s performance throughout this campaign.

This just sums up the team spirit that exists at The Glebe just now. Everyone from the chairman to the humble fan has played a part in what is a major year in the club’s history, although it is far from over as the team are still very much involved in the promotion hunt to division one.

Having travelled the length of the country supporting the team this year, it was fantastic to see the club venture to the dizzy heights of the quarter finals of our national tournament.

I think the whole of Scotland (apart from the TV companies ) were somehow attracted to this opportunity of a giant killing.

The first game at The Glebe was a classic old fashioned cup tie, while the second game was a more nervy affair in which Brechin were beaten but not disgraced.

As a member of our supporters’ club, I would like to thank all those who helped me organise the transport for the recent game in Perth.

An amazing five official club buses were filled, with many more making their way to the game. The football club board should be commended for agreeing to pay for these buses, allowing free transport for around 250 fans.

I believe over 900 fans made the trip even though the game was televised. It just shows that the fans will turn out on occasion. Let’s see you up at The Glebe on a Saturday !!!

Finally a big thank you to Jim Weir, Kevin McGowne and the playing squad itself for giving us something to be proud of.

You have put Brechin firmly back on the map and have shown what success means to a small community. Good luck in the final part of the season and, who knows, we might yet see the cameras back at The Glebe if we make it to the play-off final.

Yours etc.,

Andy Wilson,

15A Union Street,