Letter to the Editor

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I note in last week’s Brechiner that Sanjay Samani had lots to say in print.

This is the man who was silent during the meeting about the failure to deliver almost £1 million of the £1.8 million regeneration funding for Brechin.

Perhaps he and his friend Councillor David May, who along with Councillors Myles and Leslie Melville masterminded the failure, felt it was better not to draw too much attention to themselves.

Whatever Mr Samani thought of any other politicians at the meeting, he should have been better informed on Nigel Don, who has recently made Brechin his home.

So, as any resident of Brechin had, Nigel had every right to comment on matters concerning Brechin.

Mr Samani might be better to examine the failures of his own party whether in coalition historically in Edinburgh or currently in London and Angus.

Yours etc.,

Joy Mowatt,

Gellatly Place, Brechin.