Letter to the Editor


I’m struggling to discover how Mr Denning, in his letter of last week, can find my comments about Kevin Hutchens to be insulting.

I referred to him as the perennial Labour candidate and, given that he has stood for that party at least three times, the description “perennial” seems appropriate.

Last year I said he originated from South of the Border, which is a fact, but according to Mr Denning that made me a racist.

Nigel Don, the SNP candidate, is also from South of the Border. I’ll vote for him and I hope he gets elected. Perhaps Mr Denning can square this circle for your readers.

Mr Denning makes reference to my time when I served as vice-convener of Clydesdale District Council.

I did indeed have a pact with the independents to run the council. This is referred to by Mr Denning as a rag bag.

Contrast this with my comments on my then Labour opposition when I described them as decent men, your readers can no doubt work out for themselves who is throwing the insults.

Contrary to his assertion that we banded together to keep Labour out, the truth of the matter is that they didn’t want in.

They did what Labour is really good at when they are not getting their own way - throw the toys out of the pram and whine.

However, enough of the past. I am delighted to read that Mr Hutchens has many of the characteristics of the early Labour Party.

Being a Christian Socialist, a Trade Unionist and co-operator and a tee totaller.

My late maternal grandmother was all of these things and a Suffragette and Labour Councillor as well. If she could see what New Labour has done to the founding principles of the Labour movement she would be ‘birling’ in her grave.

So perhaps Mr Hutchens can tell your readers as a Christian how he can be a member of a party that supports a nuclear deterrent.

Can he tell them as a teetotaller how he can support a party that will not support action to curb the appalling alcohol problem in this country.

Given the tragedy that is unfolding at the Fukoshima Nuclear Plant in Japan how can he support nuclear power in a little energy rich country like Scotland and how as a co-operator he can still belong to a party that voted against a minuscule tax on supermarkets?

If given all the attributes attached to Mr Hutchens are true, and he can still stand for a party that supports all of these things that go contrary to his Christian and Socialist beliefs, two words come to mind. One is integrity and the other hypocrisy.

I wonder which one we will be able to apply?

Yours etc.,

David Smart,

Piperton Farmhouse,

Little Brechin.