Letter to the editor

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I note that two of our elected members for Brechin and Edzell are silent on the matter of the loss of almost £1million of the city centre regeneration funding.

In fact, they are silent on any number of issues affecting Brechin and Edzell which are causing great concern to the local communities.

If that amount of money had been lost to Brechin when I was a councillor, the current provost and leader of Angus Council would have led calls for my resignation.

Surely both should have been monitoring progress on a weekly basis and had officers flag up problems well in advance of deadlines.

It was incumbent on both of them to ensure that there was an alternative should any project fail.

It appears that the funding spent has applied only to two properties that were allowed to deteriorate under previous owners.

I have to say “appears” as they seem to have nothing to say on the matter.

On a related subject I was greatly disappointed to read that no out-of-hours activities will take place in Brechin Town House Museum on health and safety grounds.

A significant amount of THI and Brechin common good money was spent on the building to make it suitable for community use.

It is shameful that, after a particularly low-key re-opening, this news has now come out.

Did they know this was in the offing before the reopening?

Yours etc.

Joy Mowatt