Letters to the editor


After reading last week’s letter to the editor regarding the flood protection scheme in River Street, I felt it necessary as a River Street resident to reply.

It is a pity that Angus Council spent all that money on civil engineers to carry-out surveys on the River South Esk, when there seems to be experts living in the city.

What is even more surprising is these people’s houses are not at risk when the river floods.

I have lived on River Street for 41 years and seen many floods but have been very fortunate as the flooding has never damaged my property.

The gravel bank is getting wider and wider and is changing the course of the river, forcing it across to the street side.

Surely the less-expensive option would be worth trying in the meantime.

I am not saying the council’s proposals will prevent flooding, but four inches could be the difference of it not flooding the houses most at risk.

All the residents living on River Street who pay massive amounts of excess on their insurance policies want this resolved, rather than reading letters in the paper from people who don’t have the worry of flooding.

If people could just stop speaking about doing things and actually do them we may get a solution to an ongoing problem!

Yours etc.,

River Street resident.