Letters to the editor


Mr Garden’s comments last week gave a lot of people food for thought.

It is easy for someone who has not experienced flooding to have such strong opinions.

Living in an upstairs flat can hardly be compared with those experiencing loss and damage to their property and the devistating affect this has one’s well-being.

It is nine years since the last flood and, apart from spending thousands of pounds on stupid surveys, nothing has been done.

If Mr Garden is concerned about wasting money, then I suggest he objects to these surveys, particularly those regarding muscles and fish.

Surely people’s homes take priority? Stocks of fish and such can be replenished, whereas homes are ruined. I welcome the removal of the gravel and any other work which can be undertaken.

Mr Garden should realise that Mr Murray is trying to protect his livelihood, and quite rightly so.

Damage to property and income can amount to large amounts of money and the ever-increasing premiums for insurance in a flood area are another problem for property owners.

Perhaps if Mr Garden were to experience the trauma of seeing his home and posessions ruined he would have a different opinions.

Yours etc.,

Name and address supplied.