Letters to the editor

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When are the people of Brechin going to stand together and finally demand a ‘no confidence’ vote against our so called Angus councillors, the Provost Ruth Leslie Melville and leader of the council Bob Myles.

Both were elected to represent Brechin but seem to oppose every move to stop improvement to this neglected city

The latest atrocity is the loss of £1 million pounds of regeneration funding, due to lack of ensuring they did not run out of time.

How long do they need? There seems to be meeting after meeting and time gets frittered away.

Look at the times when firms wanted to open businesses in Brechin but were put off time after time.

Now we have Flicks which will also go on forever.

Will we ever know who will eventually profit from the towns regeneration properties? Will it be the o)wners who neglected them.

What about the City Hall, another forgotten Brechin hub.

We must use people power to use our votes in the next council election, for the good of the city and the local community.

Now to the Provost and her self praise for the snow clearance.

I have never seen such a shambles with blocked in cars and heaps of snow in the main thoroughfares.

Much more could have been done as roads and pavements were treacherous and continue to be.

Yes, we need Brechin councillors who represent Brechin. Speak out and let your voices be heard.

Yours etc.,

Joe Monro, Brechin.