Library Corner

THIS month many of you will be thinking about the summer and holidays.

At Brechin Library there are many different guide books for destinations all over the world, from European city breaks to travelling down under to Australia.

Why not pop in and have a browse it may give you some inspiration or ideas?

If you are staying in the UK for holidays then the library still has something for you.

There are books of B&Bs, campsites and hotels, books that will help you get the best out of holidaying at home, ideas to keep the kids amused in the long school holidays and even Ordnance Survey maps for Scotland to help plan your route.

However, just as many people like to travel the world from their armchair.

The library stocks many books that let you do just that.

Bill Bryson has written many that allow you to tour all around Britain, Europe, America & Australia without leaving home.

Building a new life in the sun is another popular topic these days and there are books reflecting the journeys that some people have gone through. For example, John Humphrys’ tale of renovating a house in Greece – Blue Skies & Black Olives - is very entertaining.

Of course, many of you will already have made holiday plans and the library is just the place to stock up on your holiday reading. Buying enough books to keep you occupied for a fortnight on a sunny beach would cost a lot so why not save your money for ice creams or cocktails and borrow your holiday reading from the library?

Recommended reads:

Some books that the library staff have been reading recently and recommend are as follows:-

Cuckoo – Julia Crouch: Rose has two beautiful children, the perfect marriage and a lovely big home in the country; she really does appear to have the perfect life.

One night she receives a phone call from her best friend Polly who has been tragically widowed,

Rose immediately invites her friend and two boys to come and stay with her until she can face reality on her own again.

However, once Polly arrives Rose’s idyllic life seems to be transformed into something of a living nightmare.

Firstly she has to assume total care for the two young boys who are something of a challenge and then her youngest daughter becomes critically ill; whilst she stays in the hospital with her, Polly seems to get her feet very firmly under the table.

Inviting Polly to stay in the first place was easy enough but getting her to move on proves to be much more difficult.

She is the cuckoo in the nest and true to form will sacrifice all others to stay there.

The Secret Shopper Affair – Kate Harrison: We all hate poor customer service, whether it’s in shops, restaurants or even in a library!

This is the third in Kate Harrison’s series about a trio of Secret Shoppers or Mystery Shoppers as you will probably know them.

Their mission is to visit shops and other establishments, usually on behalf of the shop’s owners, to pose as a regular customer and record their experience.

The girls use hidden cameras and microphones to report back poor customer service and sometimes exceptionally good service too.

The books are an interesting insight into this world and are often quite amusing, following the three girls and their quite different lives brought together through their secret shopping.

If you like shopping then you will love these books.

Quick reads:

The library has a new set of “Quick Read” titles in the library.

These are brilliant short books by well-known authors or celebrities which are fast paced and easy to read.

You can even read them in your lunch hour; they are also perfect for on the bus or the train.

In the new selection there are books by James Patterson, Sheila O’ Flanagan, Cathy Glass and a thriller writer Linwood Barclay entitled Clouded Vision.