Library Corner

WITH schools closing up forthe summer holidays, hopefully there will be some decent dry weather to allow the kids to get out and play.

If you are looking for something for your children or grandchildren to do over the holidays then why not pop in to Brechin Library and join the Summer Reading Challenge?

This year’s theme is Circus Stars and children can join right up until Friday, July 22.

All children up to the age of eleven are welcome to take part.

The under fives have a special Bookbug Library challenge that is designed for younger members.

But, the aim of the challenge is the same for all children: read six books over the six weeks of the summer holidays and they will receive a certificate and a medal or small gift.

There are competitions and activities to take part in along the way and the library is also staging four different crafting sessions over the summer holidays, on the following dates:-

Friday, July 1 from 2 pm to 4 pm - launch activity ; Friday, July 15 from 2 pm to 4 pm - design your own clown face; Friday, July 22 from 2 pm to 4 pm - design your own animal face; Friday, July 29 from 2 pm to 4 pm Make your very own big top.

Also throughout the summer solve the clues and find out what happens when the circus comes to town and one of the acts goes missing!

Yes the Squeakin’ Advertiser is back, with bigger clues and fabulous weekly updates! Don’t miss it.

So, pop along to the library and find out more.

On the shelves you will also find many craft and activity books that might give you some ideas to entertain your children when they become bored.

Once again the library staff have been busy reading in their spare time and this is what they recommend this month:-

Mary Higgins Clark – I’ll Walk Alone: Child abduction is a parent’s worst nightmare. Well, Zan thought it was her worst nightmare but then she discovered that the supposed abductor is her doppelganger and no one believes that she didn’t do it. In the two years since her son was snatched from his pushchair whilst his babysitter lay sleeping in Central Park she has never given up hope that he will be found safe and well.

Her hopes of being reunited with her son are raised when photographs of the snatching come to light.

However, when the person in the photograph is her double she finds she has become the number one suspect, she has to fight to prove her innocence and when someone begins to steal more than just her identity she begins to doubt her own sanity. Time is running out for Zan and her son. Can the person who is out to frame her succeed?

Mark Mills – The Savage Garden:-

Set in post war Tuscany this mystery unravels in a style not unlike the Da Vinci Code, and, with a memorial garden built many years ago in homage to the villa owner’s wife and a floor of the villa that has remained shut off for numerous years, there seem to be secrets aplenty for young scholar Adam Strickland to discover.

The family has skeletons galore in their cupboards and Adam uncovers what the memorial garden is really saying and that it has been meant to leave clues to reveal the truth about the past. This book was entertaining and packed full of historical and mythical legends with a satisfying twist at the end.

Seagulls in the Attic – Tessa Hainsworth: This is the second instalment from Tessa Hainsworth, a former high flier with The Body Shop, who has decided to relocate from her fast-paced life in London to the delights of Cornwall.

Her first book, Up With the Larks, documented her family’s move to Cornwall and their attempts to find jobs to help support them in their new lifestyle.

Tessa finds herself employed as a postie, hence the title, Up With the larks, her new job helps her integrate with the locals and she has many tales to tell about her adventures with the post.

This second book finds her still employed as a postie and enjoying her time in the West Country where she finds that there is still a lot she has to learn before she is no longer classed as an incomer. A fun light hearted read.

Some new non-fiction in Brechin that you might like to try includes Mae Stewart – O is fir ‘Ingin – a memoir of the author’s life in Dundee in the forties and fifties; Celia Imrie – The Happy Hoofer - an entertaining look back on her life; William and Catherine, Their lives, Their wedding – Andrew Morton – relive the Royal Event of the year with the man who wrote the most famous biography of William’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales; The Hairy Bikers’ Know Best – King and Myers – another helping from the two bearded chefs.