Library Corner

THERE are a good number of new titles in Brechin Library that may be of interest to many of you - murder mysteries, chick-lit, Aga-sagas, some books from the TV Book club that is on Channel 4.

Some of these are as follows:- M. C. Beaton – Penelope goes to Portsmouth;

M. C. Beaton - Belinda goes to Bath; Wendy Holden – Marrying Up; Maureen Reynolds – A Private Sorrow ; Sarah Winmam – When God was a Rabbit; Michael Robotham – The Wreckage;

The library also some new non-fiction titles in, which include: Deborah Devonshire – Wait for Me! memoirs of the youngest Mitford Sister and Colin Thubron – To a Mountain in Tibet.

Next time you are in the library why not pick up a copy of the latest “Books coming soon to a Library near you?”

This gives details of forthcoming titles that Angus Library Service has on order and will be appearing on library shelves near you soon.

If you see something that you fancy on the list then why not put your name down for it and you will be ahead of others when the book arrives in the libraries?

August brings lots of new starts for many children, whether it is starting school or starting nursery or playgroup for the first time,.

There are books in the children’s library that can help introduce the idea of these new places to your children.

Lots of different new experiences can be challenging for children.

Why not have a look through the library’s Little Learners collection in the children’s library where you can find books on first experiences, such as dentist visits, hospital visits or going on a plane.

There are also sections on Colours & Shapes, My World, Pets & Farms, Safety, Friendship & Behaviour, Family, Health, Weather & Seasons, Craft & Cooking and Nursery rhymes, all suitable for younger readers. There is something for everyone.

Are there any boys or girls aged eight to 12 who would be interested in joining the Chatterbooks group?

The group meets once a month in the library on a Tuesday after school for an hour and chat about books that have been read.

“We sometimes have author visits or do different craft activities, so if you are interested please come in and ask the staff if you can put your name down,” explains a library spokesperson.

As always the staff have been busy reading and this month they recommend the following titles:-

I left my tent in San Francisco – Emma Kennedy: “This non-fiction book had me literally laughing out loud all the way through and I had to stop reading and tell my teenagers some of the stories to explain why I had tears running down my cheeks,” explains a staff member.

“The book tells the tale of two graduates who decide to travel to the USA for the summer after university to make their fortune and see some of America whilst doing so.

“They begin their trip in the Big Apple and soon discover that they are terribly unprepared and not at all street-wise, not to mention naïve.

“They make it to San Francisco where they have a relative to lodge with and begin their search for jobs, which proves to be almost impossible.

“The scrapes and misfortunes that befall them beggar belief you really could not have made it up. When their time to return home draws nearer they are forced to travel from California back to New York with a miniscule daily budget and this leads them into more and more trouble.

“It was a book I was sad to come to the end of and was thoroughly entertained throughout. The author has also written a book about her family camping trips in the 1970’s called “The Tent, the Bucket and Me”, which is definitely on my “To read List” now!”

Sam Baker – To my best friends: Nicci Morrison has it all, beautiful twin daughters, a loving husband, a thriving business and three of the closest friends a girl could ask for and then she is diagnosed with cancer and its terminal.

She knows she has very little time left but in that short time she feels she can still make a difference to the lives of her nearest and dearest.

She leaves letters for her three best friends, Mona, Lizzie and Jo, with instructions on what to wear to her funeral (she was a professional stylist after all), and that they were to form the Chuck, Charity or Cherish committee (to deal with hoarder Nicci’s vast collection of clothes and accessories some of which had been purchased to be investments for the future like her Louboutins and her Chanel classic 2.55 handbag), but more importantly in the letters she bequeathed to her friends her most precious possessions.

To Jo she left her darling twin toddler daughters, to Mona she left her husband David and to Lizzie her beloved garden. How the friends, not to mention her husband, react to these bequests is mixed and they must all work together to try to arrive at the best solution for everybody whilst still respecting Nicci’s wishes.

“I read this book over a weekend and loved it,” explains a library staff member. “I’m sure you will too.”