Library corner June

Many of you may have weddings to attend or plan in the summer months, and there is nothing better than a lovely family wedding.

Perhaps you are looking for tips for speeches, whether you are the best man, the groom or father of the bride.

Brechin Library can help you out with those.

“We have books with speeches and jokes for weddings,” explains a library spokesperson.

“We also have books to help you plan your reception or perhaps choose some readings for the ceremony.

“There are so many aspects involved with planning a wedding and you can find inspiration for many of them from the flowers to the cake within our shelves.

“Or perhaps you need a guide book for your honeymoon?

“Whether it’s home or abroad we have all destinations covered, so pop along and have a browse.”

Are you a fan of celebrity autobiographies?

Then there are a few new ones in stock at Angus libraries. From sportsmen, to actresses and even the odd Loose Woman, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Some of the new additions to library stock within Angus are as follows:-

The Alastair Campbell Diaries,Volume 2, Power and the People, 1997-99; Please don’t go - Big John’s journey back to life – John Hartson; Sherrie – behind the laughter – Sherrie Hewson; One from the Hart – a memoir – Stefanie Powers.

Last month seems to have been renamed Jodi Picoult month as Brechin Library has two reviews for you and they both come highly recommended.

They are as follows:-

Jodi Picoult – Sing you home: “When my copy of Jodi Picoult’s new book came in I was thrilled as she never disappoints,” explains a library staff member.

“She always picks topics that are somewhat controversial and this novel is no exception, dealing with same sex marriages, frozen embryos or unborn children as some people see them and religion.

“Zoe and her husband Max have spent nine long years trying unsuccessfully to start a family. Max feels he can no longer go on this way and they go their separate ways.

“Zoe throws herself into her music therapy career and finds her friendship with Vanessa growing from strength to strength. They move their relationship on and this leads to them deciding to start a family themselves.

“Max is an alcoholic who has found God and they need his permission to use Zoe’s previously frozen embryos. This goes against everything Max now believes in; therefore he is unwilling to cooperate.”

Jodi Picoult Handle with Care:

“I have read and enjoyed many of Jodi Picoult’s books, loved the twist at the end and really empathised with many of her characters,” continues the staff member.

“Handle with Care is no exception, only this time I can truly say I was sobbing by the end of the book!

“Willow is six and was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She is loved and loves everyone she meets and has a heart of gold.

“Her body, however, is brittle with the disease and she has broken nearly every bone in her body. Even a sneeze can break her.

“Mum Charlotte cares for Willow full time, giving up her job as a successful pastry chef to do so.

“Dad Sean is a policeman and her sister Amelia is struggling with normal teenage problems.

“A once in lifetime visit to Disneyland sparks off a chain of events that will threaten to tear the family apart.

“Willow breaks again, social workers become involved and the children are taken away from Sean and Charlotte.

“Sean threatens to sue but what starts off as a straightforward visit to the lawyers ends with Charlotte making a decision that has far reaching consequences for the whole family.

“What follows is a lawsuit for wrongful birth.

“Can Charlotte, who loves her daughter and would die for her, really be telling the truth when she says she would have, if given the choice aborted her much longed for baby.

“What if the person who didn’t give her that choice was her best friend and ob/gyn doctor Piper?

“Picoult will leave you wrung out with this book as you become absorbed in her character’s fight to keep everything together - love, family and life, because what if the one person who you think is ok, turns out to be the one who is anything but?

“If any of these take your fancy, then just pop in or give us a telephone and we can order them in for you.

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts:

Chasing Fire is the latest novel by Nora Roberts.

It takes place in the Montana Mountains where Rowan Tripp spends her summers fighting forest fires.

Having followed her father’s footsteps since she was 18 she is the best in the team at reading the fires always putting others lives before her own.

The book starts at the beginning of a new season for the fire jumpers which is overshadowed by the fact the Rowan’s jump partner, Jim, had been killed on a jump the previous summer.

On arrival the crew learn that before his last jump he had found out that one of the kitchen staff was pregnant with his child and that the baby had now been born.

The child’s mother blames the crew for his death, in particular Rowan, and is eventually sacked for her vindictive behaviour.

A series of incidents start to happen, forest fires deliberately set to cover up dead bodies and vital equipment being tampered with.

At first the child’s grandfather is blamed but it becomes clear that it could be one of their own.

As well as this, Rowan has to deal with her growing feelings for Gull, one of the new members of the crew, feelings which go against the grain for her as she has always made the rule that she would not become involved with anyone she works with and also with the fact that her father, after many years on his own, has a lady in his life.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book with its vivid descriptions of both the fires and the fire jumpers who put their lives on the line to put them out,” explains a staff member.

“To think that there are people out there who do this year in and year out!

“The suspense is added to as the crew are not only fighting fires but against an unknown human enemy leading to a tense climax.”