Library Corner March

Many of othe Brechin Library members have started the new year by gaining a new skill.

The new Equal Skills Computer classes have been going for a number of weeks now and everyone taking part is enjoying the experience along with learning the skills required to know their way around a computer.

“We will be running another of these courses in April and are already inundated with names but as we are keen to continue with these courses throughout the year,” explains a library spokesperson.

“If you are interested then ask at the library.

“March also sees the start of our next level computer course - the MS Word course.

“This course will also be run again during the year so you know what to do if you are interested, get in touch! “

The library’s new reminiscence group is now up and running. The first meeting was held on February 15 with twenty people attending,.

The group members discussed what they all felt they wanted from the group, with some good ideas for meetings in the future, including a walk around Brechin when the weather hopefully gets better.

After a cup of tea the group began to reminisce about days gone by and many different topics came up, such as dances and old shops.

“We had such a huge response to this group that we have now had to set up a waiting list,” adds the library spokesperson.

A couple of books that the staff have read and recommend this month are as follows:-

One Secret Summer – Lesley Lokko: This book has been doing the rounds of the staff at Brechin, and so far no-one has been disappointed with it. Hopefully you won’t be either.

It starts off quite mysteriously in France with something or someone being buried beneath a driveway, then moves on to tell the stories of the three Keeler boys who come from a nice family, whose mother is a QC and their father is a surgeon.

The family seem to have it all - a son at Oxford, another a successful doctor, a holiday home in the south of France. However as one-by-one the boys marry girls that their mother doesn’t really approve of the family secret starts to unravel.

This book has a little bit of everything in it so should appeal to many of our readers.

The Sister Diaries – Karen Quinn: You may have read this author’s first novel, The Ivy Chronicles which featured in an early Richard & Judy book club.

This novel is again set in New York and the main characters are three sisters, hence the title, Amanda, Serena & Laura.

The story picks up just after their mother has died following a long battle with Alzheimer’s. When her will is read the sister’s emotions explode as one sister seems to have been favoured above the others.

The three sisters couldn’t be more different in looks, in personalities and in lifestyles, yet they all share the same building in Tribeca.

In the aftermath of the dramatic revelations of their mother’s will the sisters fall in and out with each other regularly, with each sister having their own trials in life to overcome whilst also trying to outdo their siblings. This is a fun, light hearted read and I thoroughly enjoyed following the sisters through this episode of their lives.

Remember if you would like to read either of these books then just ask at the library reception.