Live each day God gives us

Last week was a hard week as I thought about the shortness of life. This was shown again by the recent events on the beach that saddens our hearts as we learn more of the terror that took lives of innocent people gunned down in a time of leisure and relaxation that should have been safe.

But it is in that brevity of life that we should gain a sense of importance for how we live each day we are given and that we should live it as fully as we can. Have I mentioned the gospel of John where Jesus said “I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.”

I’m sure somewhere along the line I have done as it is a favourite thought for me. How many times has it been said; Life is too short to not have fun.

But at some point it needs to move past ‘Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.’ It often comes down to how we learn the lessons of life. Do we learn them early or late? Do we learn them from living life in a difficult way or in learning from the mistakes of others? Do we learn by experience or from listening to those who have the ability to teach us life principles that help us live day to day?

Some of our learning can come from others and sometimes the sooner the better. Children can learn life lessons that can last a life time. I know I can share lessons from childhood to today but some of the strongest were learned at very early ages and are principles that have stood the test of time. But to share those would take hours to say the least. But how and what do we teach our children today?

Sadly a bit late to get the news out for what is/has been happening this week at Andover. I’d meant to get it in last week but was distracted by some current events. But perhaps the Polar Explorers still have room for a few more to come along on the Thursday event. There will also be the Kitchen Tails at the Baptist Fellowship for the primary children from 13-17 July in the mornings and then a last chance at a holiday club starting the week of August 10 at the Cathedral with a Monday of Messy Church followed by a holiday club the rest of the week. There is a group meeting in Edzell Church this summer as well, you can contact the church there for more details.

These events are to share life lessons with the children so that hopefully they can avoid some of the heartache that just learning from pure experience brings. I wish I could say that it would save them all but each person learns these lessons a bit differently but hopefully these events will be one more step along the way as the song that gets sung each year at End of Term Services remind us.

Anyway, this week has been better in so many ways but looking forward to a few wee days away and children’s clubs to enjoy. So here is praying for some happy summer days ahead.

Summer is here, now if the weather will just act like it,

Rev. Jon Bergen

Brechin Baptist Fellowship