Local councillors’ expenses total almost £90,000

Brechin’s councillors have the x-factor.

That is the expenses factor which this year has cost the tax payer £88,168.

Figures published by Angus Council reveal remuneration and travel expenses from April 1, 2010 until the end of the financial year on March 31, 2011.

Brechin’s and overall highest earning councillor was Council leader Bob Myles who pocketed £38,518; up £1,354 from the previous year.

Included within this figure was £5,934 in travel expenses and £115 in telephone expenses.

Provost Ruth Leslie-Melville was Brechin and Angus council’s second highest earner, banking £32,706; an increase of £5,257 on the previous year.

Ruth claimed £6,153 in mileage claims, £404 for telephone claims.

As the council’s civic head, Ruth is entitled to reclaim up to £3000 in expenses occurred as part of her civic duties. The sum she claimed was £1,796.

Councillor Mairi Evans was the only Brechin councillor who saw her claim fall.

Her package of £16,944 was an overall reduction of £438.

Mairi’s claims consisted of £286 travel expenses and £425 in telephone expenses.

The total remuneration and expenses claims for all Angus councillors were £619,189 of which £63,182 was expenses.

This figure sees expenses claims rise by £7,928 and the remuneration and expenses total rise by £8,373 from the previous year.

Director of corporate services, Colin McMahon said: “There are no additional financial implications arising from the recommendations in this report.

“All remuneration, allowances and expenses paid to councillors have been contained within the Members Services 2010/11 Revenue Budget.

“In total remuneration, allowances and expenses payments to or on behalf of councillors of £619,189 were made in financial year 2010/11 whereof £12,332.74 was paid by other bodies or organisations.

“Included in the total for the financial year 2010/11 is the value of the additional costs met by the council on behalf of Councillors totalling £13,854 being £7,370 for the use of the council car, £634 for training and conference expenses and £5,850 for other telephone costs.”

The report will go before meeting of Angus Council on Thursday (tomorrow).