Local gym on a fundraising charity mission

Fight Klub is one of the classe involved in the 6 hour session
Fight Klub is one of the classe involved in the 6 hour session

A Brechin gym is planning a six hour long, night-time, fitness frenzy to help raise funds for SANDS Tayside.

Kim MacDonald from Mission Fitness, based in Brechin Industrial Estate, is organising the event which will see participants take part in Fight Klub and Clubbercise classes from midnight until 6am on Saturday, May 14.

The 45-minute long classes will run with breaks of 10 to 15 minutes in between each one.

The first style of classes is called Fight Klub. Kim said: “It’s a boxing style class and we do use punch bags, but it’s a really good vibe. It’s a high energy class which does burn a lot of energy. It was started by a guy down in London, and is now done in countries across the world, but we are one of the few in Scotland that offer it.”

Clubbercise, meanwhile, involves using dance music to get fit. She said: “We use classic 90s tunes, there’s disco lights and it’s got a great party atmosphere, with people singing along and letting their hair down, and getting fit at the same time.”

The event is all to raise money for SANDS - which provides help and support for families affected by stillbirth and neonatal death. Kim said: “I wanted to have a bigger impact on one charity, so I decided to dedicate a whole year to doing any fundraising events for that one charity. I put it up for debate with my clients through out Facebook group and they nominated different charities.

“We are doing a number of events for the charity.”

The reason for doing midnight classes, was to help make the event that little bit more challenging. Kim said: “When we have done launch events, we’ve held classes back to back during the day, and I thought that would not be special or challenging enough - so I thought why not do it through the night.”

The event is available to anyone to participate in - not just gym members. It costs £10 to take part, with the full entry fee going straight to SANDS. Kim added: “We’ve printed off some sponsor forms as well, so people can raise more money by getting donations in that way.”

To get involved, contact Kim on 07808 110069, email info@missionfitness-scotland.co.uk, or via the Mission Fitness Facebook page.