Locals need more info on quarry plans

Local people need more information available to them about the proposed plans for a sand and gravel quarry at Struan, Edzell say concerned members of the Inveresk community council.

The community council, which has sent a letter to the developers of proposals voicing their concern over a number of aspects of the plans, is worried that too many people within the community have not heard anything about the proposals.

At the latest meeting of the community council it was discussed that when members of the community council approached the public to ask how they felt about the plans many of the people asked had not heard about the plans, making the community council concerned about the lack of information available to the community.

The planning is in the pre-application stage and so has not yet been submitted to the council.

The current proposals would be for a sand and gravel quarry on land south east of the Edzell Wood plantation on the Dalhousie Estate.

Access to the site would by from the A90, through Inchbare and then up a road on the straight just before you enter Edzell.

It is proposed that no more than 10% of the land would be worked at any one time and the land would be restored once the work was completed.

It is suggested that the quarry would have a working life of about 35 years and could see around 20 lorries going in and out of the site each day, a figure that the community council feel will be much higher.

It is proposed that lorries will access the site from the A90 and through Inchbare, with lorries only travelling through Edzell only when required.

Increased traffic levels is a huge concern with members of the community council, especially for the residents at Inchbare. Bridge structure is also something that concerns the community council, with members worried that the bridges in and out of Edzell may not be strong enough to cope with the extra traffic.

If you would like more information about the proposed quarry development visit http://invereskcommunitycouncil.wordpress.com/newpage1/