Locals thanked for donations of clothes

Pictured is Angus during his holiday
Pictured is Angus during his holiday

An Edzell man has thanked members of the local community who helped him bring new clothes to children in need in Morocco.

Angus M. Copland, who works for Glenesk Travel, visited the country in October last year on a Land Rover Adventure holiday.

However, his trip benefitted the local children as he brought bags of donated clothes to give to them.

Mr Copland said: “I always fancied doing something a bit different for my holidays, so I contacted the Land Rover Adventure club.

“They provided guides and we went on a fantastic tour which includes covered Atlas Mountains, sand dunes and so much more. It was an amazing experience and very humbling.”

He continued: “You can understand the phrase ‘dirt poor’ when you see the kids there. They are the most lovely, humble people and very welcoming.

“They’ve got very little, but they’d give you anything they had. The kids have nothing but they were all smiling and so happy.”

Speaking about his clothes donation, he added: “I gave the donated clothes to a girl called Malike, who distributed them to the children, and she was very grateful.

“I just wanted to thank Lesley Anderson, Anna Graham, Liz Greasely and the Mother and toddler Group, Sandra Guthrie, Sarah Phillip and Agnes and Gilbert Lowden, and everyone who contributed for helping me.”

Mr Copland also gave clothes to one man who was a mine worker.

He explained: “His clothes were dirty from head to toe from working in the mine, and he asked if I had anything I could give him.

“I went to my vehicle and pulled out a few items. He was so grateful and invited me to his home for dinner as a way of thanking me.”