Lodge kicks off 300th celebrations with donation

Pictured are members of the Lodge handing a cheque over to Tayside Rescue

Pictured are members of the Lodge handing a cheque over to Tayside Rescue

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A Tayside charity has benefitted from a £300 cheque donation as Lodge St Ninians No 66, gears up to celebrate an important landmark.

Lodge St Ninians No 66 which is set to celebrate its 300th year this year, opted to mark the occasion by donating to charity.

Tayside Mountain Rescue was the charity to benefit, and Paul Russell from the group accepted a cheque from Brother Terry Coull, Past Master of the Lodge.

Brother Mike Guthrie explained: “We celebrate our 300th year this year and we want to kick off celebrations by donating to a local cause.”

As well as this charitable donation, the lodge is also planning to hold a raffle, with the grand prize set to be a gallon bottle of whisky.

Mike added: “We will be running a raffle, with tickets set to be on sale at the Pageant in the City event on June 7, and the Harley Davidson in the city event on July 12.

“The main prize will be a gallon of whisky and other prizes will be up for grabs.

“All the money raised by the raffle will be donated to local charities.”

As part of their 300th year celebrations, St Ninians No 66, also has plans to host a special exhibition at the Brechin Town House Museum.

The exhibition will give a unique insight into the history of the group, and will include pictures and a variety of items from the Lodge’s St Andrews’ base.