Man had over two days worth of child abuse videos

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An Angus man found with tens of thousands of horrific child abuse images was today (Wednesday) told he faces jail.

Adam Morawski, 41, of Montrose, told police he had been looking for 3D movies and that he had tried to delete the files and said they “weren’t naked children.”

But when police searched his computer they found 15,000 indecent photographs and over 13,000 indecent video images of children.

Fiscal depute Trina Sinclair told Forfar Sheriff Court officers acting on a tip-off went to his house and spoke to his nephew, who also lived there.

He told them Morawski was at work and, following a search, they found the indecent images.

When confronted at his work, Morawski told officers: “It is possible. I found pictures on the Internet. They weren’t naked children, but I turned off straight away. I found some pictures while I was looking for movies. It was about two months ago.”

Officers found he had two laptops, a tablet and a smart phone.

When asked about the numerous hard drives found at the house, he stated that he sometimes repaired computers for friends and is often left with spares.

He maintained to police that he had opened a file and when he realised it contained indecent images he tried to delete it but forgot about it and had not used it for a couple of months. He stated the file was too large to delete.

Morawski claimed he had only accessed the indecent images on two occasions but could not provide an explanation for creation dates of the images. He denied creating the folder which contained the images.

In total he possessed 15,226 still indecent images of children and 13,314 indecent videos of children with a running time of two days and one hour.

Miss Sinclair added an investigation showed he had carried out Internet searches using the search terms well known for showing child indecent images.

Morawski, 41, of New Wynd, pleaded guilty on indictment that between April 20, 2013 and June 22, 2015, at Flat flat, he took or permitted to be taken or made indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children and that between April 20, 2013 and June 29, 2015, at the same address, he possessed indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children.

Defence solicitor Ian Flynn said: “I’ve explained to him that prison is a likely outcome in this case.

Sheriff Pino di Emidio deferred sentence until next month for social work background reports, placed him on the sex offenders register and released Morawski on bail meantime.

He said: “I need a risk assessment before I can sentence him.”