May concern over police review

An Angus councillor has added his concerns after Police Scotland revealed they were to review public desk services at stations.

Police Scotland recently confirmed that a review of local stations would take place, assessing the level of services provided at Police offices and the opening times of public desks.

Councillor David May, who is a member of the Liberal Democrats, has backed the concerns of North East MSP Alison McInnes.

Last week, Mrs McInnes warned that “one size does not fit all”.

She said: “I think everyone would agree that Police Scotland needs to spend their budget effectively but there will be real concerns that this review could lead to a reduction in local services.”

Mrs McInnes, who is also justice spokesperson for the Liberal Democrat party, continued: “For people in rural areas such as Angus, the prospect of reduced opening hours of public counters will be a real concern.

“Coming so soon after the SNP’s court closure in Arbroath this would come as another blow to locally delivered justice in Scotland.”

Mr May, who represents Montrose and district, has urged other councillors across Angus to oppose any threat to their local burgh police stations.

He commented: “I share the concerns of Mrs McInnes the Lib Dem MSP as we have our local police stations serving all our Angus burghs including the Brechin area, and any threat to their hours of opening should be opposed by all Angus councillors, as the local police station is much the easiest way for local residents to make contact with our local police.”