Meeting called to discuss public park

A MEETING has been called by The Park Group to raise awareness of the condition of the public park and nature trails.

The group contacted the Brechin Advertiser to “make an appeal to the citizens of Brechin for their help and support to expose the appalling state” of the town’s public park and nature trails.

During the meeting, which is due to be held at the Damacre Centre on Monday, May 13, at 6 p.m., the group hope to develop a plan to tackle the problems blighting the area.

The key issues they want to tackle are:

l Setting up proper maintenance when equipment falls into disrepair.

l Car parking facilities.

l Regular inspection to prevent environmental problems, including flooding litter and dog fouling.

l Proper attention paid to the War Memorial.

l Update on facilities, such as play areas and toilets.

Speaking on behalf of The Park Group, Ian Mowatt said: “We hope a large enough turnout of the public will come along and express their dissatisfaction on the current situation. I hope our councillors will take note of this publication and make it a priority to be present at the meeting.”

Litter in the public park was flagged up as an issue last week by Sharrie Reid on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook, with her comment relating to the amount glass bottles in the surrounding area.

Dog fouling has been a long standing issue in the town, with the nature trail been one of the areas criticised for the level of dog mess not being uplifted.

The nature trail became a notorious fly tipping area in the town in 2009, with Angus Council staff being quick off the mark to remove the debris at the entrance to the foot of the nature trail, adjacent to the gate on the west side of the popular walk way, which leads to Pitforthie.

The City of Brechin Community Council held a public meeting last year to try and tackle dog fouling and litter issues in the town, with community councillors being joined by members of the public, Angus Council representatives and local community policeman Billy Rattray.

Mr Mowatt added: “A public park properly managed is an integral part of any community. The cost factor when you consider the spin off from visitor use to community use could be argued as self financing and the health and social benefits are incalculable.

“We – The Park Group – request your support at the meeting.”