Memories of Lady Margaret Watson-Watt revealed

Pictured is the Sir Robert Watson-Watt statue.
Pictured is the Sir Robert Watson-Watt statue.

An Edinburgh resident, whose grandmother was related to the first wife of Sir Robert Watson-Watt, has shared memories of the radar pioneer.

In a letter to the Brechin Advertiser, Robin Thorburn revealed his grandmother was a cousin of Lady Margaret Watson-Watt, who was married to Sir Robert during the second world war, and shared some of Lady Margaret’s reminiscences.

He said: “I had the great honour of meeting her on many occasions; she told me how she accompanied her husband to Germany to observe what they were doing regarding radar.

“She also told me that the Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, was very, very direct with his chiefs of staff but was a lot more measured with Sir Robert!

“My late father remembers him as a ‘kind man with a big car who bought him an ice cream’.

“I attended the funeral of Lady Margaret and was honoured to be a pall bearer in 1988; she was 102 years of age. I have since refurbished both their headstones: Sir Robert (Pitlochry) and Lady Margaret (Dunning).”

He continued: “Brian Mitchell of the Watson-Watt Society has done an excellent job in organising the creation of the statue.

“I have seen the statue of Sir Robert at the foundry and am delighted to say that Alan Herriot has made a terrific likeness.

“Lady Margaret Watson-Watt was always very gracious and remembered her involvement with her pioneering husband with great relish and I am sure would have been very proud if she had been officially represented at the unveiling.”