Mintlaw Cub Scouts return

the 1st Ugie Scout Group
the 1st Ugie Scout Group

Cub scouting in the Buchan saw a boost when a Mintlaw pack saw an impressive increase of 23 new members join after a two year absence.

The 1st Ugie Scout Group invested 23 cubs into their pack, the terminology used for new members joining, on Monday 31st August.

Martin Brownlie, the group’s leader, described it as a “great boost to scouting in the Buchan district after a two year two years to reemerge with a strong cub pack”.

He also stated that they hope more leaders come froward to set up Beavers aged 6-8 and Scouts aged 11-14.

And he added that they are preparing for their maiden trip: “It’s an exciting time for the cubs as they prepare for their first camp and have so many adventures to look forward to.”

In other good news for the club, they received a cheque for £520 from Kathleen Simpson, who has two grandsons that were part of the ‘investiture’.

Mr Brownlie thanked her for her contribution: “It will certainly be a great chance to establish the group.”