Mixed view on flood report

Following our story last week, regarding the flood prevention report that went before Angus infrastructure services committee, SNP Councillor Mairi Evans has voiced her disappointment at some of the content.

However, she saw some positives in the long-term, regarding co-operation between Scottish Water and Angus Council to improve the flooding problem.

“The end result last Tuesday was very disappointing in that there are going to be no immediate actions to be taken as a result of the report”, said Councillor Evans.

“Obviously I thought it did show a lot of progression in certain aspects, in terms of the joint studies and surveys that are being undertaken with Scottish Water and Angus Council.

“That’s all very postitive; at least Scottish Water are on board and are working alongside us, but it’s just really disappointing that there are going to be no immediate actions taken as a result of the meeting.

“There is a list of short-term measures in the report, but there’s yet to be a timeline of when any of those can be implemented.

“So, unfortunately people in Brechin still have to wait for news of any positive action taken.”

The report befroe committee gave an update on improvement and safety measures regarding Brechin’s South Esk River, which has caused huge flooding in recent years, costing thousands of pounds of damage to property nearby when the river overflows or bursts its banks.