More refurbishment work for Brechin war memorial

There is more good news for Brechin war memorial with the announcement that further refurbishment work is to be carried out on it this summer.

Brechiner Steve Nicoll, who was part of a campaign to get the vandalised war memorial cleaned up, said he had been told by Angus Council that not only are they to clean off the black marker pen graffiti that had been daubed on the memorial - they are also to refurbish and restore all five bronze name panels on the memorial to bring them back to pristine condition.

Last week the Brechin Advertiser reported that Angus Council had finally confirmed that although the clean up had been delayed due to budget restrictions the work was now able to be carried out by the end of June, weather permitting.

“Not only have the council funded the restoration work but they have also added the names of Brechiners who had been omitted from the original memorial and for that they also deserve praise,” said Mr Nicoll.

“Each name on the memorial was a son, father, brother, husband, colleague, friend and neighbour. Their loss punched a hole through a family and community that leaves a sense of grief and injustice that does not dissipate,” he added.

“It is wholly appropriate that they should all be remembered as brothers in arms who gave their tomorrows for our today.”

He said that it was important that the memorial was restored to a proper condition for the next 100 years.

He added that he would like to thank Ed Thompson and his department at the council for their persistence in getting the work carried out so early in the financial year.

He continued: “Recognition is also due to Grahame Lockhart, the convenor of Brechin Community Council for his and the committee’s support in getting the war memorial cleaned and restored.”