Morphie Dyke to be consigned to history?

The famous Morphie Dyke now seems destined to be consigned to history following much more damage over the last two weeks of very high water.

The breach is now three times as wide and much deeper than when I last saw it and much of the building structure is now being revealed.

It is now being proposed to ‘clean-up’ the breach of several boulders etc. which could be a blockage to the free run of salmon upstream as and when water levels allow.

Regular readers will remember my reports on the breaching of the Kintrockat Dam, two miles above Brechin in the South Esk four years ago and I am amazed at just how similar the two events are.

The Kintrockat breach has improved the flow of the river immeasurably, however it has caused some bank problems downstream but like everything in nature, it will heal itself and will disappear into the landscape in time.

The change in the climate in our area is most evident deep in the countryside and I find it fascinating to watch the ways of nature.

Why do you not give it a try and go walking?

Meanwhile, I have been told that the famous Morphie and Canterland beats have been sold to an English company. No more information at present.

Tight Lines, Bill Balfour.