MP questions motability reassessment

Westminster'House of Commons
Westminster'House of Commons

The MP for Angus has spoken out about the rising number of people deemed ineligible for a motability vehicle.

Mike Weir MP has raised concerns about the number of people who are losing the right to motability vehicles following reassessments from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments.

The motability scheme gives those eligible help to afford a necessary vehicle or motorised wheelchair. Many people are finding that this is being withdrawn leaving them in difficult circumstances.

Speaking at Scottish Questions Mr Weir said: “As a result of changes from DLA to PIP thousands of Scots are losing their rights to Motability vehicles; this is particularly devastating in rural areas where accessible public transport may be limited. Will the minister end this iniquitous policy.”

Commenting on the answer from DWP Minister Priti Patel Mr Weir said: “Yet again the minister avoids the issue by claiming that the Scottish Parliament will be getting greater powers to make discretionary social security payments. This completely avoids the issue that these changes are being pushed through by the UK government, and they simply ignore the damage being caused and try and pass the cost onto the Scottish government.

“This policy is being pursued by the UK government. It is wrong and should be abandoned. It is not a case of who pays, but what should be done to help those with disabilities. The UK government clearly do not care.”