Murdo hits out at Brechin regeneration ‘debacle’

The deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives has criticised Angus Council for their handling of the Towncentre Regeneration debacle, which cost the city just short of a seven-figure sum.

Mr Fraser (pictured right) , whose responsibility for the Brechin area will cease should he be successful at the next Scottish parliamentary elections, is still angered by the loss of the huge cash sum, which would have benefited what he described as one of the most needy and deserving cases in Scotland..

Mr Fraser told the Brechin Advertiser: “The Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament fought hard to win a town centre regeneration fund which would deliver cash and help regenerate small communities like Brechin, where we have seen a decline in traditional shopping patterns in recent years.

“It is disappointing that, having seen Brechin awarded substantial sums of public money to help towards its regeneration, that Angus Council was unable to pull together within the required time scales, a project that met the necessary criteria.

“I hope lessons have been learned from this episode, as I am sure my disappointment is shared by many local residents.

“When this issued kicked off, I criticised the council for having all their eggs in one basket and I think that has been underlined in what has ensued.

“There was no fall back position from the fall back position, and Brechin is very much the loser because of it.

“I am certain a couple of projects could have been run in tandem and had, as was the case here, one fallen through, they would have had the other one to fall back on.