Myles responds on City Hall costings

Local councillor Bob Myles has responded to claims made by Councillor Mairi Evans over the costing of Brechin City Hall in last week’s Brechin Advertiser: claiming she has not got her facts right.

“It is a shame that Councillor Evans, in her call for openness about the City hall, does not get her facts right,” said councillor Myles.

“She is in danger of adopting a common SNP strategy of ‘Don’t worry about the truth – just keep repeating the rhetoric and some people will believe you’.

“However, the people of Brechin are not interested in rhetoric or politicians blaming one another, what they do want are answers as to the future of the City Hall.

“To bring it up to a similar standard of the halls in Arbroath and Kirriemuir would cost in the region of £5 million.

“Now I don’t know where Angus Council can find that money, or what projects would need to be dropped to accommodate this spend; possibly Councillor Evans can enlighten us.

“If perhaps she can persuade the Scottish Government to give Angus Council more in their budget to cover this, then that would be very welcome.

“For the basic repair costs, this has been estimated at around £1 million, but sadly even that money has not been committed by any SNP budget in the last 25 years.

“If Councillor Evans can persuade her colleagues to now come up with that funding I will fully support her, though this would be a start and much more is needed to return the City Hall to its former glory.”