Near miss at Muirdrum crossroads

A video showing a driver overtaking dangerously at Muirdrum crossroads has gone viral on Facebook and caused outrage among residents.

It was taken on Wednesday afternoon at around 2pm and shows a lorry pulling up to the Carnoustie end of the junction, as a small white van shoots past it on the wrong side of the road towards Forfar.

A few seconds later a second small van turns left into the junction from the village. Any earlier and it would have been unable to avoid a collision with the speeding van.

At the time of going to press this (Thursday) morning the video, shot and shared on Facebook by Alan Berg, had been viewed just under 10,000 times and re-shared over 100 times.

Understandably it has attracted dozens of comments calling for the offending driver to be ‘named and shamed’ and expressing outrage at the incident.

Alan Berg, who posted the clip told the Gazette this is not the first incident he has recorded: “I have numerous clips which I have accumulated. I work from home and see quite a bit. Since the new dual carriageway opened the crossroads have been neglected. I feel it’s in the interest of the village and the safety of the children, as the high school bus picks the children up there. Something should be done to slow vehicles down before there is a serious accident.”

Have you had a close call at the Muirdrum crossroads?