New beer measure

In addition to the new ‘Challenge 25’ age verification scheme and other new legislation coming into force in Scotland on Saturday, time is being called on the centuries-old practice of selling draught beer only in pint and half pint imperial measures.

The change in the legislation paves the way for the introduction of new two-thirds of a pint pub glasses.

The introduction of the new serving size will offer drinkers extra choice when ordering – but only if the licensees decide to go down the new schooner route.

It is understood that new schooner glasses have been manufactured to accommodate the change, but it will be up to each individual licensee to decide whether or not to introduce the two-thirds measure to their bill of fare.

Early indications in Brechin would suggest that pubs believe that there is no demand for the introduction of a two-thirds of a pint measure and so many, it would seem, will not be offering the option.

When contacted by the Brechiner, several pub landlords were pretty sure that no pub in Brechin would be adopting the new measure, emphasising that an option of having half a pint or a pint are sufficient enough.

In some cases landlords were unaware that the new measure was going to be introduced in the first place, while there were others who felt the new measure was a ridiculous waste of time.

It is understood a problem faced by landlords would be getting enough two-third pint glasses. Some felt they had difficulty enough getting enough glasses from suppliers as it is, without adding a new two third of a pint glass to the equation.