New council convener named

The annual general meeting of the City of Brechin and District Community Council was held on Tuesday, June 3, at the Damacre Centre.

Members reviewed and discussed many of the issues and events in which they have been involved during the past 12 months.

The, ‘Showcase of Brechin’, from October to December, was highlighted and recognised as one of the main events which helped the members to have a clearer picture of the hopes and concerns of people on the future of Brechin.

Ongoing consultations with Angus Council were also highlighted particularly in connection with the new community campus, the flood prevention scheme and the future of the paddling pool. Decisions made by Angus Council following these consultations and the negative impact on existing facilities in Brechin were a serious cause for concern for members and many people in Brechin.

Public concerns about the change of use of the former Dalhousie Bar to a betting shop and the planning application by J. Logan Milne were also highlighted, where the community council had been actively involved in taking people’s concerns forward and presenting them to the committees in Angus Council.

A spokesperson for the community council said: “Thanks were expressed to the members of the public who regularly attend the monthly meetings. Thanks were also expressed to the Brechin Advertiser for its continued coverage of the community council activities and to the other newspapers, to our three local councillors for their continued support and to PC Billy Rattray for his regular police updates.”

At the election of office bearers Derek Harper was elected convener with Grahame Lockhart stepping down from the post. Grahame expressed his sincere thanks for the support given to him by the members during his time as convener, and for their time and energy in making the community council successful in representing the people of Brechin.

Other posts were as follows:-

Vice-convener, Susan Barr; secretary, Eric Gray; treasurer, Frances Keats; planning officer, Paul Wright.

The members expressed their warm and sincere thanks to Grahame for his role as Convener and their thanks were formally agreed to be included in the minutes.

The normal monthly meeting followed the annual general meeting and much of the discussion focussed again on the negative impact of decisions by Angus Council on developments in Brechin.

It was clear that people were becoming more disillusioned at the decision-making process of Angus Council which did not appear to take the views and concerns of people seriously.

Derek Harper, convener, stated: “The next 12 months will be exciting and critical for Brechin.

“Our small city has the opportunity to build on a number of exciting events.

“If we can have open and honest dialogue with Angus Council Brechin has the potential to be a place of which we can be proud, and a place to which people will want to visit.”

He concluded: “The community council shall work closely with the other groups in Brechin, and with the support of Angus Council shall endeavour to work together to ensure we deliver the best for Brechin.

“We shall be contacting officers and elected officials in the council to make clear the concerns that people have in Brechin and seek ways to ensure the community’s voice is heard; we all have the right to have a say in the future of our city.”