New Edzell signs: are they really needed?

Signage erected outside Edzell village has been reported to have spoiled the look of the entrance to Edzell, particularly at night when the signs at the Arch are illuminated.

The standard issue Angus Council signs, that welcome drivers to a town, was brought up at the recent meeting of the Inveresk Community Council.

The decision to erect the signs may go as far back as 2008 when a council report stated that every B road in the area would get signage.

Before the new signs went up community councillors felt there were already satisfactory signage in place with a sign for Edzell, two 30 mph signs and the sign painted on the road.

Responding to questions if there was a need to have the new signs councillor Bob Myles said: “I am at a loss as to why that has been done too. I did not see it coming through any report.

“The signs are rather out of context and they took me by surprise too.”

Also surprised was councillor Mairi Evans said: “It is especially surprising when you have to battle to get signs. You have to battle tooth and nail to get a sign moved or a speeding sign up and then you get a whole load of signs that you didn’t want there in the first place.

Although it was felt there was no need for the new signs at Edzell the need for more speed signs at Inchbare was discussed.

During the same meeting it was heard that residents of Inchbare have requested additional signs, reminding drivers of the 30 mph speed limit through Inchbare after it was reported that vehicles speed through regardless of what time of day or night it is.

Inveresk Community Council heard that the problem got worse in summer and weekends and it was hoped that additional signs could be put in place to help ease the problem.

PC Iain MacPherson stated that Inchbare is an area that is targeted by Tayside Police, with officers attending with speed cameras, resulting in many drivers being caught speeding.

The group heard that a resident of Inchbare had contacted the council requesting 30 mph signs to be repeated throughout the stretch of road to remind drivers of the reduced speed limit.

It was reported that the stretch of road was too short that it did not require repeated signs. However, it was discussed that drivers would speed up after the junction or when crossing the bridge

It was suggested that Inchbare could benefit from the use of some temporary speed signs

Councillor Myles said: “We are getting more of these signs so we can move them around. You do tend to find that they are left in an area for a couple of months and then moved again.

“If there is an area where there appears to be a problem let us (the council) know. We try to put them in the more significant areas first.”

It was suggested, perhaps jokingly, that the signs are Edzell could be relocated to Inchbare.