New on-line guide to Brechin community campus proposal

READERS are reminded that a new online guide with information and updates on the project to create a multi million pound community campus in Brechin is now live.

The pages at contain a wealth of information on the project including committee reports, Q&As, consultations and useful links.

The new £24 million facility will incorporate the replacement for Brechin High School, enhanced community leisure facilities, and performance space and accommodation for adult learning and youth activities.

Over the next few months, workshops will be held to give all stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to the concept design for the community campus.

It is hoped to have outline plans this summer, and at this stage there will be a further opportunity to get feedback on how the community campus will be developed.

This exercise may also help inform the broader issue relating to the existing facilities, and the overall provision of council services within Brechin and the surrounding area.

Once concept designs have been developed, the project will move to the planning stage, which will include a transport arrangements for access to the new campus.

The web pages will be updated at each stage of the development process.