New scam highlighted at community council

Brechin community police officer PC Billy Rattray warned of a new scam at the City of Brechin and District Community Council meeting on March 3.

During his update to community councillors, PC Rattray explained: “The most recent scam involves fraudsters cold calling residents and implying the person they have called has been referred to the company by their doctor for rose hip capsules.

“The caller then explains that they need bank details for payment for a special offer they are running on the capsules. However, it’s just a phishing exercise to get people’s bank details.”

During his update, PC Rattray also spoke about stop and searches, following reports that a number of under-12s in Scotland are being subjected to the practice. He said: “This is not a issue in Brechin. There is a place for stop and searches as its a valuable tool in crime prevention, but it’s mainly targeted at adults.

“Under-12s will only be searched if there is a legislative reason to do so.”

Part of the update to community councillors also focussed on particular issues in the town, however PC Rattray explained that there is not any major issues. He said: “There isn’t much to report other than sporadic bits of vandalism, that you will get anywhere.

“Most of our time is dealing with domestic crime. The way we deal with this issue nationally, is very thorough. Most incidents are detected and people do appear in court as a result.

“The numbers of incidents isn’t really decreasing, so it’s important to get the message out to the community that if you see or hear something of concern, let us know and we can investigate.”

He added: “It’s better to be safe than sorry. If people are concerned, let us know. We have got a dedicated domestic violence team in place to provide support to victims.”