News about the new school

The chairman, Jim Hawke, opened the meeting of Brechin Probus club held on Tuesday in the Northern Hotel

Mr Hawke welcomed the members and visitors to the meeting.

After dealing with the club business Mr Hawke welcomed Mr Archie Bathgate, rector of Brechin High School, to the club and asked him to give the members an update of progress at the school.

Mr Bathgate showed diagrammatic representation of the new structure and artistic impressions of the finished build.

He also showed some interesting photographs taken from the top of the crane which has become a landmark of the City of Brechin.

Mr Bathgate was keen to emphasis the role of the ‘campus’ including the school in the life of the people of the town.

It is hoped that the new school will open its doors in the early part of 2016.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 31, when Imogen Sherrit will relate some of her adventures since embarking on her tertiary education programme.