NHS Tayside to use 100% recycled paper

NHS TAYSIDE is moving to using 100% recycled paper in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.

This decision means that savings will be made of 280,000kg of timber (or 190 spruce trees every year), 720,000 kWh of energy (or 130 times the annual household energy consumption) or nearly 60,000kg of CO2 emissions (the equivalent of driving 600 times the distance from Dundee to London) and four million litres of water.

The use of recycled paper for patient correspondence and for staff in their day to day jobs will ultimately release funds of £14,000 per year that can be spent on patient care and frontline services.

This move forms part of the NHS Tayside’s ‘Care to Save’ campaign, which centres around four key themes – energy, transport, recycling and sustainability - and aims to ensure the message that going green and doing all we can is getting across to patients, visitors and staff.

NHS Tayside Chairman and Sustainability Champion Sandy Watson said, “NHS Tayside consumes nearly 19 million sheets of paper ever year.

“One of the most significant things we can do for the environment is to reduce paper use, and various initiatives are underway to support this.

“For documents that we need to be printed we have taken the decision to shift to the ecologically sound alternative of using 100% recycled paper.

“We continually challenge our staff through our Steps to Better Healthcare programme to come up with new ways of delivering and redesigning our healthcare services.

“By introducing recycled paper and making savings in this area, we can release precious resources for our frontline services.”